Posted at June 24, 2012

Identity Theft Nightmare

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It’s been four years now, but Mari Frank is still feeling the effects. Her identity was stolen.  Due to the extensive financial damage and fraud alerts on her credit, Frank must carry the first page of the police report in her wallet.

“When someone gets their identity stolen, it is a total nightmare. It changed my life entirely. For a while I was really paranoid…. My identity was stolen when a woman I didn’t even know went online and ordered my credit report,” Frank said. “And she did this by working in a law office pretending to be a private investigator.

“Really, she was a paralegal,” Frank continued. “She had access to the Internet, she had access to the online services [and to] the data dealers, and she was able to order my credit report. A couple of clicks was all it took to assume the identity of Mari Frank.

“Once she had my credit report, she had everything in front of her,” Frank recounted. “She knew my date of birth. She knew all the information about me because on the header information on your credit report is your birthday, your Social Security number, your former name, your address, your unlisted phone number. It also has all of your credit cards.”

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