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Need a great purge truck or back up truck for you fleet?  

Throughput: Up to 6,500lbs/hr Payload: 15,000lbs Mileage: 198,000 at last readingl List Price: $64,999

Extensive Inspection Process All used shredding vehicles receive an extensive inspection that consists of an in-depth examination of the below items followed by comprehensive testing of each component:

☑ Power Steering ☑  Brakes and Clutch ☑  Drivelines and U-joints ☑  Safety and Limit Switches ☑  PTOs, Pumps, and Motors ☑  Bin Lift System ☑  Shredder Head and Cutters ☑  Hydraulic System and Gauges ☑  Engine and Radiator ☑  Transmission ☑  Shredder Control Center ☑  Security Doors, Locks, and Cameras ☑  Engine and Transmission Oil analysis ☑  Batteries ☑  Unloading Device

Please reach out to:

David Dudek at (919) 387-8220 or [email protected]