Posted at July 16, 2015

Your Roadmap to a Successful Shredding Business

Any prudent entrepreneur knows the importance of having and using a Business Plan. It is your roadmap to success. We have developed a comprehensive Sample Business Plan to help you with your financing, budgeting and marketing. To receive your FREE Sample Business Plan, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

“On-Site In-Sight” Business Operations Package

So, you’ve decided to start a mobile shredding business. Congratulations! Now what?

Start-up businesses need guidance when it comes to building your business once you have purchased your equipment. With that in mind, we have developed the “On-Site In-Sight” Business Operations Package® to assist you every step of the way in starting up your on-site mobile shredding business. With over 200 pages, this valuable manual is the most comprehensive tool available to jump-start your mobile shredding company.

Here’s what you will find in this business start-up manual:

  • SECTION 1: A Comprehensive Look at On-Site Document Shredding
    This section contains industry-specific articles designed to help introduce you to the types of articles you should be looking for to share with your clients.
  • SECTION 2: Sample Shredding Company Startup: A Sample Business Plan
    The Business Plan contains helpful information to assist you with writing your own business plan for financial and marketing purposes.
  • SECTIONS 3, 4, 5: Starting Your Own On-Site Mobile Document Shredding Business
    Here, you will find step-by-step directions on setting up and running your business, with helpful check-off lists. Included in these sections is information about software, containers, scheduling, marketing, estimating shredding services and much more.
  • SECTION 6: Employee Personnel Files
    As an employer, proper record keeping is an absolute requirement. Find out what documentation and forms you should retain concerning your employees.
  • SECTION 7: Sample Employee Handbook
    This section contains suggested employee guidelines and can be tailored for your specific situation.
  • SECTION 8: Sample Drug and Alcohol Policy
    This sample policy is designed to acknowledge and enforce the regulations pertaining to road transportation as set forth by the Department of Transportation.
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