The Opportunity

Information. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it, and some even go so far as to steal it. Information contained in almost every business document potentially becomes a liability. More and more, prudent businesses rely on on-site document shredding services to ensure their information is protected. The continuing rise in Identity Theft and the resulting legislation to protect consumer privacy are fueling the on-site shredding industry’s growth.

“The Identity Theft epidemic and new laws have greatly impacted my business by forcing companies to shred documents that were once thrown into the garbage. This has resulted in more material being destroyed and, therefore, has dramatically increased our revenue,” said Dennis Booth, owner of Mobile Document Shredding, Inc., in Apopka, Florida. In addition to shredding documents, his Shred-Tech Mobile Document Shredding systems also destroy plastics, computer discs, CDs, data-storage tapes, VCR/VHS tapes, and x-ray films.

When asked about his company’s future growth, Booth replied, “I took ownership of my newest truck one month ago, and my service schedule is already fully booked. It seems we have just scratched the surface of a booming industry.”

Shred-Tech’s mobile document shredding systems offer entrepreneurs the chance to get in on the lucrative on-site shredding industry at the ground floor level. It is not a franchise — there are no licensing fees, royalties, or residuals. Owners of on-site shredding businesses purchase their equipment directly from Shred-Tech and enjoy their independently-owned and managed business rewards.

As the innovator and premier manufacturer of mobile document shredding equipment, Shred-Tech has witnessed this industry’s exciting growth over the past few years. Now you can be part of the rapidly growing number of successful entrepreneurs in the lucrative, on-site confidential document destruction industry.

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