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HAAS 2 Shaft Slow Speed Shredder Type TYRON 2000 XL 2.0 Edition

Installed on tracks – Used less than 20 hours – new condition – available immediately

Ideal for E-waste, nonferrous and ferrous light scrap, MSW, RDF, wood and more!

Engine: Scania Diesel stage 4 final / Euromot IV 400 HP c/w sound insulation set Central lubrication system for main bearings of shafts Cutting chamber length 78 ¾” approx. Cutting chamber width 59” approx. Cutter diameter: 27.6” Special hard welded reinforced tools, 4-elements with 7/7 discs Rpm of shafts individually and infinitely variable from 0 to max 41 rpm Maximum Shaft Torque: 81,132 ft/lb Center breaking bar (coarse, short teeth) & standard side combs Tilting hydraulic feed hopper” 122” x 86” Cutting chamber: 98” long x 86” wide Manual Hopper Extension: 3 sides, each ca. 32” IFM Display Incl. remote control of tracks and shredder operation 4 shredding programs (wood, waste, green waste and special) PLC c/w remote diagnostic capability (Modem) Discharge conveyor belt (Retracting) Over band magnet, hydraulic drive, height adjustable. Spare parts kit for up to 1500 hours of operation

For sale by owner: Wade Connor, (317) 358-8265, Indianapolis IN